Making Progress Through Small Steps

Walking ManI came across a statement that sums up something I learned which I try to implement in my everyday life, something I try to explain to others when one is exasperated with what appears to be lack of progress in one’s life.

Quote is by Michael Gelb from the audiobook, Work Like Leonardo Da Vinci (transcribed, please pardon any errors).

“Realistically, happiness and fulfillment come when we know that even in the smallest way on each day, we wake up and we orient ourselves on track, in even some small way, some tiny little step that we take that day to move in the direction of our highest dreams. And if you’re taking even a little step each day, you’re on track. You’ve fixed your course to a star, and like Leonardo, you can navigate through any storm.”

Or as I put it, when walking with only baby steps down a long and treacherous road, it never feels like you’re getting anywhere. But at some point, you turn around and find you’ve actually traveled farther down the road than you thought, that you’re making progress. Just keep moving, you’ll get to where you want to be.

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